Seeing the Christmas lights at Blenheim Palace

What does Christmas mean to me? Well, I quite like the traditional stuff: turkey, presents and family (not necessarily in that order). I’ve discovered that I also like this new phenomenon of Christmas light displays. Kew Gardens does it (you need to book early) and so do countless stately homes around the country, including Blenheim Palace near Oxford.

Christmas at Blenheim Palace

So, what is a Christmas light show? Well, at Blenheim Palace it includes an hour and a half of wandering amid stunning light displays, much of which is set to music. Our kids enjoyed traditional fairground rides and, to my delight, there was good quality, affordable food and drink to warm us before and after exploring the glowing grounds of Blenheim Palace.

Fairground rides at Blenheim Palace
Fairground rides at Blenheim Palace

We visited Blenheim with our two children (aged 6 and 3) and some friends of ours and we all agreed it was a great evening. Actually, that’s a slight exaggeration, the kids found the walk in sub zero temperatures to be a bit long and cold but they were pretty impressed by the lights.

The highlight for me was the trees, which glowed all manner of colours, simple but effective.

I also loved the little boats floating in the lake, impressive stuff.

Floating boats at Blenheim Palace
Floating boats at Blenheim Palace

The kids enjoyed a walkway of suspended bulbs, like a glowing curtain. This feature was towards the end of the light display, a useful highlight to distract the children from their frozen toes.

Father Christmas and one of his helpers also made an unexpected appearance at Blenheim Palace. I hope they’re both paid well, that must be a very chilly job.

Father Christmas and helper
Father Christmas and his assistant

So, if you’re in the area, there’s still time to visit the Christmas Lights at Blenheim Palace (on until New Year’s Day). Otherwise, if you’re reading this in 2018, there’s always next Christmas.

Blenheim trees

Tickets cost £16.50 for adults, £10.50 for children and under 5s are free.
I’d recommend paying for on-site parking at £10 as it would be very chilly waiting for the park and ride at the end of your evening.

Toddlers on Tour


16 thoughts on “Seeing the Christmas lights at Blenheim Palace

  1. Oh, did you manage to visit the Christmas event at Kew? I wanted to, but it’s completely sold out now! 😦 Did manage to catch the Christmas lights at Dunham Massey in Manchester though (which I also blogged about last week!) – looks very similar to the Blenheim Palace event, except that ours had no Santa Claus. Can see why it’s such a crowd favourite! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  2. Christmas is full of traditions which may differ quite a bit from country to country, but the display of lights seems to be common to all of them. I love seeing the Christmas lights too and they are the one thing that always put me in the holiday spirit. I can see the light display at Blenheim Palace was quite spectacular. I’d love to spend the entire month of December visiting Europe sometime. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post on #TheWeeklyPostcard. Wish you an amazing New Year.

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  3. We love the lighted floats! That’s beautiful. The Gaylord resorts in the U.S. all have huge atriums that are decked out for the holidays. The fantastic part of that is that it’s indoors. We need to put a post together highlighting the decorations and activities. Very fun. Don’t know that we’ll ever get the chance to travel much during the holidays, but we’d love to see this! Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

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